Dog Control (Lost, Stray or Fouling Dogs)

Dog control services in Nottingham 

Report a Stray Dog

We operate 7 days a week 9am to 9pm.

After 5pm we only provide either a collection service for detained stray dogs or an acceptance point service; this is for strays found within the Nottingham City Council boundaries only.

Recovered Dogs

If a dog is picked up and it is wearing a collar or if it is micro-chipped, providing it is the first occasion it has been picked up, it will be returned to the owner if the owner can be contacted.

If the dog is picked up on a second occasion or is not wearing a collar and tag, it will be taken to one of our kennels.

The owner will then have to pay a charge, currently £25.00, together with kennelling and veterinary costs before the dog is returned.

If a dog is not collected by the owner within 7 days of being seized then Nottingham City will legally assume ownership of that dog. The majority of the strays that are left unclaimed are re-homed but in certain circumstances they do have to be put to sleep.

NB Cash payments and cheques are not accepted.

Please visit our Facebook page to view current stray dogs.

Re homing Strays

Castlefield Kennels is our contracted re-homing kennel.

Barking Dogs

The Dog Control or Community Protection Officers carry out the first visits when there is a complaint about a barking dog and they can offer advice to dog owners to help them to live peacefully with their neighbours.

Contact Us 

Contact Customer Services on 0115 915 2000


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