St George's Day: 23 April

St George's Day

Celebrate our country's patron saint and the national day for England at this year's St George's Day events on Sunday 23 April.  Enjoy the parade by the Royal Society of St George from the Forest Recreation Ground to the Old Market Square.  The parade, departing from the Forest at noon, will be headed by knights on horseback and include the Long Eaton Militaires marching band.

Who was St George?

It's widely agreed that St George was born in Cappadocia (now part of Turkey) in about 280AD.  He joined the Roman cavalry and gained a reputation for virtuous behaviour, valour and physical strength.  By the time he had gained charge of a regiment of 1,000 men he had become a favourite of the Emperor, Diocletian.  However, Diocletian became one of the cruellest persecutors of Christians and George, who had converted to Christianity, tried to limit the Emperor's persecutions, with the result that he, too, was arrested.  When he appeared before Diocletian, it is said that he bravely denounced the unnecessary cruelty and injustice of the persecutions but he was condemned to torture and beheading on 23 April 303AD.

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