Black History 365

What is Black History 365?

Whilst Nottingham recognises and celebrates October as Black History Month, we are keen to acknowledge the life, history and achievements of Black people who changed society in the UK throughout the year as part of the national campaign Black History 365 campaign.

Throughout 2019, Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire Police will be leading the campaign and will be working with a range of partners, stakeholders, community groups and colleagues to host and promote many events, activities, campaigns and much more.

Ms Patty Dumplin was pleased to host Black History 365 community consultation event at the start of the year, on behalf of Nottingham, City Council and Nottinghamshire Police. The event, which was very well attended, brought up some interesting discussions.

Patty said … “This is not just a talking shop you know, we need action!

Nottingham has a wealth of diversity in its history and its people. The Black History 365 campaign seeks to harness this diversity and celebrate black history throughout the year. Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire Police are keen to work with community groups and partners to explore how we can embrace this locally.

If you would like adding to the BHM 365, mailing list or have comments and suggestions please contact:

On behalf of the planning group.

The consultation event agreed that the BHM logo below will be the official logo for the campaign in addition to making an amazing range of suggestions for activities over the coming months.


Black History Logo